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VRINDAVAN – Essential Oil (100%) Clove Bud – 25ml

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Clove Essential Oil is an essential item for the first aid and for cleaning – naturally. Clove oil is a great addition to any medicine cabinet and home-cleaning cupboard.

Clove Oil is great for combatting mould. As the hot, humid weather approaches, make sure you have some on hand. The clove oil attacks and kills mould spores leaving your home fresh and clean.

Clove oil can also be used to treat a variety of health disorders including toothaches, indigestion, coughs, asthma, headaches, stress and blood impurities. Clove Bud Oil comes from the flower buds of a clove shrub or tree.


100% Pure essential clove bud oil


Burners and vaporizer: In vapor therapy, clove oil can be useful for bronchitis and dizziness and to help lift depression, while strengthening memory and fighting weakness and lethargy. Massage oil: Clove oil can be used in a blended massage oil to assist with diarrhea, bronchitis, chills, colds, muscular numbness, spasms, rheumatism and arthritis. For toothache the outer jaw can be massaged with this oil. Use a low dilution of less than 1%. In cream or lotion: When used in a cream or lotion, the positive effects of clove oil are the same as those of a massage oil and can furthermore help to sort out leg ulcers and skin sores..Use in low dilution of less than 1%. Mouthwash: Clove oil can be included at a low rate as part of a mouthwash for toothache.

The Company

Vrindavan Natural Body Care is a family business and has been operating since 1996. We are settled in the beautiful surroundings of the foot hills of Mount Warning in New South Wales, Australia. We are a certified organic processor. Our certified organic products are certified by Australian Certified Organic, which is Australia’s largest certifying body. Our products are not tested on animals and carrie the Cruelty Free logo.

Our goal is to produce natural skin care products without harsh chemicals, using only the ingredients that nature provides us, and that do not harm our environment or any living entity. Our products are pure and natural, 100% vegetarian, and in most cases vegan. We also have a range of certified organic products.

Using Vrindavan Natural Body Care products will enhance your natural wellbeing; our products will put you in touch with your body and your higher self.


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