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F&V Boxes

F&V Boxes

Earth-friendly fruit and veg boxes delivered to your door

We work with local farmers and primary-producers who are committed to sustainable farming practices and who grow quality organic and GMO-free fruit and vegetables.

  • ✓ Organic fruit and veggie boxes
  • ✓ Northern Rivers delivery
  • ✓ Locally grown
  • ✓ GMO and Chemical free

Our fruit and vegetable boxes have different combinations of produce each week depending on the seasons and availability. They are an excellent choice for busy families – enjoy an abundance of quality and affordable fruit and vegetables all year round with our convenient service.

Fruit and Veg boxes from The Organic Basket

The Organic Basket is passionate about helping people purchase organic and sustainable food products. We research the best organic and fair-trade products on the market and bring them together in our online store saving you time and hassle when shopping ethically.

  • ✓ Fresh
  • ✓ Organic
  • ✓ GMO & Chemical free
  • ✓ Delivered to your door

Reconnect with the natural cycle of life by eating according to the seasons with The Organic Basket’s home delivered fruit and veg boxes.

Veg box delivery Northern Rivers – how to order

Start enjoying the convenience and healthy benefits of home delivered organic fruit and veggie boxes.

  • ✓ Create an account with our online store
  • ✓ Browse our extensive range of products and add items to your basket
  • ✓ Complete checkout and payment process
  • ✓ Receive wholesome and ethically-sourced products to your doorstop

We deliver our fresh fruit and veg boxes every Tuesday and Wednesday to the Northern Rivers region. Once your order is placed you can track its delivery. If you have any queries regarding your order or if you aren’t sure if we deliver to your area you can:

  • Check your postcode in our perishables postcode finder. This feature is located below the Qty & Add button on any of the three fruit and veg boxes detail page.
  • Refer to our local maps for detailed info.
  • Reach us by our contact us section.

Use the “Delivery Instructions” section at checkout to authorise the leaving of goods without signature or to provide specific details about where to leave goods.

Fruit and veggie recipe inspiration

Order a fresh organic fruit and veg box delivery to the Northern Rivers region and enjoy healthy and nutritious diet rich in variety and free of chemicals. Try different fruit and vegetables to ensure you get a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

There are millions of recipes online if you’ve run out of ideas or are seeking inspiration. Build a tradition of favourite meals for your family that are delicious yet simple to prepare and that your kids will enjoy time and again.

Are you ready to try the convenience of organic food box delivery in the Northern Rivers? Call us on 0404 500 872 or create an online account and place your order today.

  • F&V Boxes Sizes L2

    Large F&V Box (Families)


  • F&V Boxes Sizes M2

    Medium F&V Box (2+ people)


  • F&V Boxes Sizes S2

    Small F&V Box (1-2 people)



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