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Fruit and Vegetables

We live and love real whole foods. This is why we provide only natural and organic fruit and vegetables. We believe this is the best option for you, for others and for the planet.

We work with a great network of ethical & passionated local farmers that offers only natural & organic fruit and vegetables that are:

  • Locally grown from the Byron Shire area.
  • Seasonal.
  • Fresh as you have never tasted before!
  • Chemical & GMO free.
  • Sustainable.

We offer three (3) sizes of fruit and vegetable boxes (displayed below) which are very generous and affordable! Boxes will change on weekly basis – so you can have the greatest organic produce fresh picked and delivered straight from the farm to your table.

Orders must be placed no later than Monday 11am for Tuesday delivery. We will update fruit & vegetables boxes content each week on the icons below, newsletter and social media channels.

If you have any preferences (e.g., substitute potatoes for more sweet potatoes) on your order, please let us know at the “Delivery Notes” at the checkout section.

Click on the icons below to see What’s in the box!

  • F&V Boxes Sizes L2

    Large F&V Box (Families)


  • F&V Boxes Sizes M2

    Medium F&V Box (2+ people)


  • F&V Boxes Sizes S2

    Small F&V Box (1-2 people)



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