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Stop Adani Coal Mine Australia Heading

A multinational fossil fuel giant, Adani, is trying to build the world’s largest coal megamine in Queensland, right near the Great Barrier Reef. This project has been given many of the approvals it needs. With the Federal government pledging $1bn of taxpayer dollars, they are not only going all in on coal, but fighting to kill renewables, and the hope for a safe future.

Why Stop Adani?

Stop Adani Coal Mine factsheet

Adani’s colossal carbon bomb is ticking and the future of our Reef and climate hangs in the balance. Watch the video below to give you the full story of the fight to #StopAdani:

How can we help?

Easy, by purchasing from us (a % goes towards this crucial campaign) and/or by taking action! Refer to #StopAdani official website for further info:


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