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Star Formulations

Star Formulations is an Australian private company. As an ethical brand, we are proud to be the first dedicated animal free complementary healthcare company in Australia. At Star Formulations, our philosophy is a gentle one. We consciously do not use any animal derived ingredients or ingredients that have been tested on animals, added chemicals, bindings, coatings, excipients, colourings, allergens or preservatives. Instead we choose to deliver the nutrients in pure vegetable capsules and bottled in medical grade recyclable BPA free packaging. By using pure, premium quality ingredients formulated at correct levels, we know that you will achieve improved health and wellbeing without compromising your standards.

We strive to be the leading ethical Australian health brand consciously delivering pure, premium, effective supplements and formulated without animal ingredients or unnecessary additives.


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    STAR FORMULATIONS – Organic Iron Boost VegeCaps – 30



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