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Silver Health

Silver Health was established in 2008 with the aim to provide an alternative to the antibacterial products on the market by producing a natural product which does not allow bacteria to develop resistance. We continue to explore new avenues and products to which we can apply our Silver Colloid solution and are excited by what we will be developing in the near future.

Silver has been in use throughout the ages, and its antibacterial and anti fungal properties have been well known as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In ancient times only the elite had access to silver goblets and utensils. Even in today’s world not many people use silver cutlery but silver is now available to everyone in the form of Colloidal Silver.

Correctly manufactured Colloidal Silver has not been found to harm your body’s natural flora or allow bacteria to develop resistance against it.


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    SILVER HEALTH – Pure Silver Colloid – Nasal Spray (30 ppm) 30ml


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    SILVER HEALTH – Pure Silver Colloid – Spray (30 ppm) 50ml



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