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The story behind this innovative product is begins with a journey to Rural India. Women there are still using loose coconut fiber to clean their dishes. This wonder fiber is a gift from nature discovered in India to be used as an inexpensive scrubber.

Inovex Enterprises (P)Ltd in India innovated SAFIX TM, a handy scrub pad, using loose white coir fiber and cleverly engineered these tiny fibers together with the help of a non toxic adhesive which can withstand the most aggressive abrasive action. Coir products are exceptionally functional, virtually irreplaceable when it comes to economy, durability and beauty.

We created this unique product after extensive research, trials and market analysis, with features of par excellence.


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    SAFIX – Foot & Body Scrub Pad (Made from Coconut Fibre)


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    SAFIX – Scrub Pad (Made from Coconut Fibre)



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