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Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds is an artisan wholesale roaster situated in the heart of industrial Marrickville, Sydney. Our main focus since our conception in 2004 has been to provide sustainable and ethical products that allow individuals to consume with a conscience.

All our coffees are of the highest quality Arabica beans and are Fairtrade and Organic Certified. We have managed to blend our  love of coffee with our desire for a more equitable world without compromising on quality of flavour. As a result, all Sacred Grounds products are ethical, socially responsible and where possible have a limited impact on the environment.

Sacred Grounds operates as a small family company where individuals in the company add and share their history and personality to Sacred Grounds. The passionate Sacred Grounds team continues to inspire each other in the hope that their efforts will continue to make a global difference and to invite others to join their passion. To us, each green bean has a story to tell; its environment, the villages behind the farming of the bean and the funds that a Fairtrade product guarantees to these communities to promote a better life.

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    SACRED GROUNDS – Coffee Ground (Plunger) Sacred Blend – 250g


  • sc07

    SACRED GROUNDS – Drinking Chocolate – 200g


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    SACRED GROUNDS – Whole Coffee Beans (PNG) 250g


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    SACRED GROUNDS – Whole Coffee Beans Sacred Blend – 250g



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