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Perfect Sweet

SweetLife is Australia’s original and most recognised creator of sugar free products using nature’s finest sugar free alternative sweetness ingredient – xylitol. By being the first to bring the all-natural, health-enhancing xylitol products to the market, we are recognised as the #1 leading Australian distributor and manufacturer of xylitol based products that can help you with quitting sugar and positively impact on weight loss, healthy lifestyle choices, diabetes and gluten intolerant symptoms.

When our founder Carolyn Hartz was diagnosed with pre diabetes, her doctor suggested controlling her blood sugar levels with drugs, but she adamantly refused to take this path. Soon afterwards on a trip to the USA in 2000, she discovered the joys of xylitol and found she could eat sweet things without putting her health at risk. She brought this amazing natural sugar free substitute back to Australia and began to spread the word about SweetLife.

We started in 2002 and as a family run, 100% Australian owned business we are passionate about making sure Australians know about SweetLife and that they have a healthy alternative to sugar. One of the things about SweetLife that we are proudest of is promoting that natural and healthy alternative that will improve our customers’ lifestyles.

We help people quit sugar while still enjoying the sweet things in life.


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    PERFECT SWEET – Xylitol – 1kg


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    PERFECT SWEET – Xylitol – 500g



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