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Nui Generation is dedicated to living fair, living well and living beautiful. This means we are committed to the mutual success of the farmers who produce our organic products in the Pacific and you, the customers, creating a Fair Trade system that benefits both ends of the chain. ‘Nui’ translates to ‘abundance’ in many Polynesian languages and ‘hope’ in Fijian.

Creating abundant Pacific communities to bring healthy, beautiful products to you is our goal. Nui combines the natural healing qualities from the coconut “Tree Of Life” and through an innovative Australian processing method creates a pure virgin coconut oil, organic skin care range for the conscious living.

Coconut Oil has for centuries been used as a traditional healing remedy to nurture the mind, body and spirit. Proven to aid in the regeneration of new cells and replenishes the body inside and out. Nui is a dedicated Australian Fair Trade Company focusing on the production of certified organic virgin coconut oil and wild harvest products in the South Pacific. Through our certified organic 100% coconut oil brand Nui, we are committed to empowering island communities to achieve sustainable socio-economic development through our charter – “Fair Trade for a Fair Go”.

We are proud to say that Nui virgin coconut oil skin care range is certified organic.  This guarantees that your purchase is free from synthetic chemicals, sulphates and ammonia, which can harm your family and the environment.  It’s also free from animal testing and unashamedly tested on humans.

Each product has a batch number so that the ingredients can be traced to their organic source and is your personal guarantee that all products are produced organically using organic ingredients.


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