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Niugini Organics

The goals of Niugini Organics is to link ethically minded organic food consumers in Australia with small rural producers in PNG.

Niugini Organics partners with, assists and develops products with small farm producers in PNG by initiating down stream processing of raw organic produce ready for retail shelves in Australia to thereby dramatically increase economic returns to the producer.

Niugini Organics is a direct challenge to the 200 hundred year old trade model of exporting PNG small holder fram produce as an unprocessed bulk commodity for a fraction of its ultimate value – the old paradigm where the grower has been screwed to the point of poverty. Thus as its core business purpose Niugini Organics marketing strategy heavily promotes the grass roots involvment of our PNG farmers and processors as direct stakeholders in the brand and to this end we will actually claim a higher status than other Fairtrade suppliers with very positive results.

  • ng21

    NIUGINI ORGANICS – Soap Coconut Oil – Lavender – 100g


  • ng22

    NIUGINI ORGANICS – Soap Coconut Oil – Patchouli – 100g


  • ng23

    NIUGINI ORGANICS – Soap Coconut Oil – Pure (Unscented) 100g


  • ng02

    NIUGINI ORGANICS – Virgin Coconut Oil (100% Pure) 1L


  • Niugini coconut oil Australia

    NIUGINI ORGANICS – Virgin Coconut Oil (100% Pure) 650ml



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