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Nature’s Agave

We are a company on a mission – we want to help you enjoy organic sweetness in your quest better foods. Our goal is to help people make better decisions for their bodies when it comes to all things sweet.

We’ve searched throughout the world to find the best ingredients and growers for our brand of premium sweeteners. Our supply comes from growers with a shared passion for all natural, organic and sustainable farming practices. Through every step of the way, from the fields to your table.

Not all agave nectar is created equal. Nature’s Agave Nectar is made only from the prized Weber Blue Agave plant, bringing you the highest quality and purest form of premium certified organic agave nectar. Some other brands use lower-cost varieties of the agave plant. We prefer the Weber Blue Agave for its unique natural carbohydrate profile and richer agave taste. Grown and nourished for 8 – 10 years in the red volcanic soils of Jalisco, our Weber Blue Agave is harvested only at the peak of maturity to ensure sweet perfection. Compare Nature’s Agave Nectar to any other brand, and you will taste the difference.


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