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Joy Beans

Joy Beans grew from a love of travel through remote villages where families brew coffee grown on their own farms; through towns where the local cafes serve their neighbours’ beans. Every town, city, and country lends itself to an entirely different flavour.

We are more than just coffee – we exist to share an experience of the people, warmth, and culture of each country we source coffee beans from. That’s the power of Single Origin Coffee – the flavours, spirit and essence of a country: unblended, unspoiled. We believe in a system of trade that is fair to the farmers and workers that live in it daily; in a system that creates better working and environmental conditions; a system that encourages sustainable practices and keeps harmful chemicals out of our land, water and air.

We are proud to support Fairtrade Australia and Australian Certified Organic – ensuring every bean we use is produced and traded responsibly.

So drink your Joy Beans with pride, knowing the people who grow and pick the beans are happy, too. Joy Beans exists to provide much needed resources to coffee growing regions across the world, that’s why 10% of profits directly benefit charities we are partnering with.

Each blend benefits a charity from the origin country; our Mexican coffee benefits Mision Mexico childrens refuge in Tapachula, Mexico. This incredible organisation “provides a loving, secure home for children of all ages who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned”. As a collective whole we have the power to affect change in the lives of others. How exciting is that?!

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