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Hari Har Chai

Our story – Hari Har Chai is a product of Christina– who loves chai. She loves the essence, the taste, the healing properties and the love in every cup… so much that we want to share it with the world. Living, breathing and dreaming chai she sent the essence out to the consumer.

Hari Har Chai was born over a decade ago as a souly (solely) owned home based business in Torquay Victoria by founder Christina Covington, who had spent years of living and learning in The Himalayas. She was entrusted with the teachings of the Ayurvedic way and was given the knowledge to develop these nurturing blends which are now Hari Har Chai blends.

Embracing the traditional Ayurvedic knowledge and way of life, we have developed a range of chai to suit all consumer needs – everyone can experience the soul, healing and love in every cup of our chai.

From these humble beginnings, Hari Har Chai has grown to become Australia’s premier Chai brand, supplying both the Australian and export market. Now blending our beautiful chais in the hills of Byron Bay, NSW.

Our tea policy: All our chais use the best quality teas. We use a superb grade Australian grown tea from the Daintree regions of Queensland, that have been grown in the same fields for decades. This tea is low in caffeine and low in tannin as well as being grown chemical and spray free.

We choose to use these Australian teas rather than import them so to support our Australian industries and farmers as well as protect or environment by trying to minimise our environmental footstep in our production.

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