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Gold Mine

My early awareness of health was sparked as a young teen watching family members succumb to cancer and vowing to find “a cure.” The light bulb got turned on when the news broke in 1969 that there were carcinogens in our Kool Aid. (Remember cyclamates?) Since then, I have pursued my lifelong dream of learning about the healing power of food and of helping myself and others get well and stay well, using food as medicine.

I experienced a gradual awakening to food consciousness that has taken me over the years from crunchy granola and homemade whole wheat bread to juice fasting, raw foods and beyond. I have been practicing Macrobiotics, sometimes less than perfectly, since 1976.

This quest has led me on a mission to find and assemble some of the most valuable healing foods from around the world. In 1985, as I was starting my family and expecting my first child, I founded Gold Mine with the intention of sharing the healing power of food with an ever widening community of like-minded friends.

Since then, I have been grateful for the opportunity to share this dream of good health and these precious foods with you.

Here’s to your eating enjoyment and good health! Jean Richardson Founder and Owner

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    GOLD MINE – Kelp Noodles Raw – 454g


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    GOLD MINE – Sushi Nori Organic Raw (10 Sheets) – 25g


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    GOLD MINE – Sushi Nori Organic Raw (50 Sheets) – 125g


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    GOLD MINE – Sushi Nori Organic Toasted (10 Sheets) – 25g


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    GOLD MINE – Sushi Nori Organic Toasted (50 Sheets) – 125g



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