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Egyptian Red

Egyptian Red is a premium grade Hibiscus Sabdariffa. Grown in the oldest known agricultural land in the world, in the rich silt soil of upper Egypt, it is reputed to be the preffered drink of the pharaohs, who believed in the great health benefits of the flower.

Egyptian Red Infusion is Australian Certified Organic – to indicate that no pesticides, herbicides, artificial or chemical fertilizers have been used in the cultivation of the plant in its origin (Egypt) and that it is packaged to the ACO quality controlled standards in Australia.

When you purchase Egyptian Red, you can be confident that you are purchasing the best and highest quality Hibiscus Sabdariffa in the world.

  • EJ22

    EGYPTIAN RED – Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Tea of the Pharaohs – 100g


  • EJ21

    EGYPTIAN RED – Herbal Tea Bags Tea of the Pharaohs – 40



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