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Plant & Mineral derived colour cosmetics created in Australia for the world. 100% TALC FREE Since scientists found particles of talc inside ovarian tumors much uncertainty has surrounded the ingredient. Australian organic clays are a wonderful mineral alternative.

For centuries native Australian’s have relied upon these naturally occurring minerals as part of their sacred ceremonies. 100% LANOLIN FREE Secondary research into Lanolin extraction revealed the substance is secreted by the sheep’s sebaceous glands (the same secretion in humans promote pimples & acne). This fatty secretion is then squeezed from the fleece in a rolling motion, and added into lipsticks, mositurising creams and most makeup.

Claytime Australia is formulated with natural botanical oils & waxes only. 100% CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE The cosmetics you wear are cruelty free. They contain no animal derived ingredients, animal skins or animal furs or hairs. There is nothing more beautiful than that. Please wear them with a sence of pride.

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