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To be completely honest, I, Mike, and my partner Tina, never intended to start a health food company. I was happy living my life as a fire fighter who enjoyed the great outdoors and Tina was busy developing a career in events and tourism. We focused our time and energy on working, relaxing, keeping fit, and eating Paleo. A few years ago we adopted a little cat and life, in general, was pretty good… or so it seemed… Living a strict Paleo lifestyle, meant a lot of food prep and always being five meals ahead with our food planning. Where will I be around lunch time? Where will I be around second lunch time? Where will I be around pre-afternoon tea? Etc… It also meant a distinct lack of convenient snack foods.

When an active Paleo eating person was out riding a bike, trekking to base camp, running out the door for work, or had children screaming at them for something yummy… there really were zero healthy, Paleo options available for said active Paleo person to pull out of their pocket and stuff in their, or their child’s, mouth.

Eventually, when I was rock climbing on the cliffs at Barrenjoey with a plastic bag full of chicken breast and walnuts tied to my chalk bag I thought, “stuff this, there has to be a better way”. So I went home, grabbed the best ingredients I could get my hands on and started blending them together until I had settled on a little nugget of goodness, now formally known as “The Original” Paleo Bar. I took these to our gym to see what people thought, and before long we were fielding orders from all over the country.

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars redefine what a snack food bar can, and should be. Only ever made with five of the highest quality completely natural ingredients, the only thing more impressive than our ingredients list is the way the bars taste.

  • Cacao20Mint20Paleo20Snack20Bar20-20Box20of201220-2012x45g.png

    BLUE DINOSAUR PALEO BARS – Cacao Mint Paleo Snack Bar 45g – Box of 12


  • Mac20Lemon20Paleo20Snack20Bar20-20Box20of201220-2012x45g.png

    BLUE DINOSAUR PALEO BARS – Mac’ Lemon Paleo Snack Bar 45g – Box of 12



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