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Leanne, who started the Billie Goat Story says: “Billie Goat Soap started because my youngest son suffered from sensitive skin. I had tried every conventional treatment for him to no avail. After doing some research I learnt that goats milk soap can often help people with sensitive skin.

I had some lessons, made some really bad goat’s milk soap for quite a while, and then finally perfected a recipe I was happy with.

We chose Billie Goat Soap as our business name because it sounded better than ‘Nanny Goat Soap’. Billie Goat Soap’s first goat came from the RSPCA. Needless to say the Billie Goat team all fell in love with Jenny and her wonderful personality. The team then purchased a couple more Saanens who have since kidded and our milking routine began.”

Billie Goat Soap uses only the highest quality of proudly Australian Goats milk and natural oils in our hand crafted soaps as well as our bath and body products. Our products contain “No Nasties” like sulphates, mineral oil, parabens, colour and synthetic fragrances and are not tested on animals.

This unique combination of natural ingredients and lack of “nasties” is the reason our products help soothe dry skin conditions and why so many mums Believe in Billie.

Now, with Billie Goat Soap’s ever growing skin care range and the confidence in products that work, you can enjoy the nourishment your skin deserves.

  • BILLIE BABY – Baby Body Wash – 250ml


  • BILLIE BABY – Baby Soap Cleansing Bar (2 per box) – 2x50g



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