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Low carbon sustainable manufacturing

As part of the movement to a low carbon economy, our production, raw materials, packaging, manufacturing practices and transportation have been audited for their carbon footprint. We use the minimum amount of packaging, which is all recyclable, and manufactured from the most sustainable materials including where possible non-petrochemical plastics, compostible materials, and post-consumer-waste recycled materials.

All our products are made using advanced, low-energy, cold manufacturing methods together with innovative, natural-chemistry technology to achieve a significantly improved environmental impact and efficient, sustainable outcomes in all our processing. In addition to minimising carbon pollution in our manufacturing processes, carbon offsets are used to further reduce our total carbon footprint.

Why we use organic, wild harvested and non-synthetic ingredients. We began manufacturing natural hair care and body care over twenty five years ago. From day one our core principles and aims have been to make exceptional quality products that are highly effective, luxurious and pleasurable to use and made with as little harm as possible to the environment.

Coming from predominnantly vegetarian families, we have never used animal ingredients or animal testing on any of our products.

We choose to use plant base ingredients for a number of reasons. Plants are renewable and sustainable sources of natural cosmetic ingedients, rich in protiens, vitamins and anti-oxidants. They are much more compatible to, and gentle on our skin, hair and scalp than animal based or synthetic ingredients.

Using sustainable plant ingredients, is not only great for your skin and hair, but great for the natural environment. Wherever possible we use wild harvested and organic ingredients that further enhance sustainable farming practices to help reduce the degradation of natural resources and promote more productive use of land and water thereby conserving precious natural resources.


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