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Over 30 years ago Auromère Ayurvedic Imports started as a small community-owned business that became one of the first companies to introduce Ayurveda to the U.S.  Today Auromere is a leading importer of Ayurvedic body care, conscious living products and literature.

Auromère’s mission is to bring the ancient spiritual and traditional healing wisdom of India and a higher consciousness within reach of our modern, fast-paced lives. More than just natural, the wild-crafted herbs and minerals used within the Auromère recipes are noted for their unique beneficial and rejuvenative qualities.

The purity and effectiveness of the Ayurvedic ingredients, formulations and manufacturing procedures make Auromère products distinctively different and delightfully powerful for maintaining health, well-being, and beauty.

The company works closely with its suppliers in India to ensure the highest quality, authentic, natural products, engaging local specialists, practitioners and cottage industries which provide employment in local village communities in various parts of the country.

  • AM05

    AUROMERE – Mouthwash (Ayurvedic) Contains 23 Herbs & 9 Essential Oils – 354ml


  • AM04

    AUROMERE – Toothpaste Ayurvedic – Cardamom-Fennel – 117g


  • AM01

    AUROMERE – Toothpaste Ayurvedic – Fresh Mint – 117g


  • AM03

    AUROMERE – Toothpaste Ayurvedic – Mint Free – 117g


  • AM06

    AUROMERE – Toothpicks Neem Picks (Peppermint) – 100



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