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Ancient Minerals products are produced and distributed by Enviromedica.

Our mission is to further the principles of evolutionary medicine, subscribing to the scientific philosophy that throughout history we have evolved with our natural surroundings to develop the innate ability to self-regulate and thrive. We at Enviromedica support functional wellness by correcting for contemporary factors that interfere with our natural ability to maintain vitality.

The Enviromedica family of products reconnects and aligns us with our evolutionary heritage, providing the purest forms of ancestral resources, extracted from pristine reservoirs of natural nutrition.

It is our hope … same as existing … applications, we can support the battle against magnesium deficiency and its related causes and effects.

  • Magnesium20Flakes2020-203.63kg.jpg

    ANCIENT MINERALS – Magnesium Flakes – 3.6kg


  • Magnesium20Flakes2020-20750g.jpg

    ANCIENT MINERALS – Magnesium Flakes – 750g


  • Magnesium20Gel20502020MSM20Ultra20-20237ml.jpg

    ANCIENT MINERALS – Magnesium Gel (50%) & MSM Ultra – 237ml


  • Magnesium20Gel20Full20Strength20-20237ml.jpg

    ANCIENT MINERALS – Magnesium Gel Full Strength – 237ml


  • Magnesium20Oil20502020MSM20Ultra20-20237ml.jpg

    ANCIENT MINERALS – Magnesium Oil (50%) & MSM Ultra – 237ml


  • Magnesium20Oil20Full20Strength20-20237ml.jpg

    ANCIENT MINERALS – Magnesium Oil Full Strength – 237ml



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