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Baltic Amber is fossilised tree resin from ancient pines that grew some 40-50 million years ago!.  Our Baltic Amber necklaces are made using Amber of the highest quality from the richest deposits around the Baltic Sea!.

For centuries Baltic Amber has been attributed with many mystical and curative powers and has been widely considered a talisman of good fortune.  The ancients traditionally presented amber jewels to young children to help protect them from misadventure and help ease growth especially TEETHING.

Amberbebe is a member of the International Amber Association in Poland We support and follow the international standards for the distribution of Baltic Amber. All our products are guaranteed genuine Baltic Amber.

Safety is a priority for us when manufacturing our necklaces, to enable us to offer you the highest safety for your child we only use synthetic plastic clasps with a screw thread which has been glued into the barrel of the clasp NOT sterling silver clasps.

Every amber necklace has been hand-crafted by Baltic amber specialists with generations of experience who carefully polish and softly round the Baltic amber beads.

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