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Everyone here at Alchemy shares an obsession with flavour, and loves nothing more than making our customers swoon with pleasure at the taste of our cordials and syrups.

We are all fully engaged in our mission which is ‘Transforming Refreshment’.

Making products that change how you feel, and also changing the way refreshment is made, delivered and enjoyed!

We are a family business, that started as a market stall selling home made cordials back in 1997, and have organically grown to become a successful and well regarded manufacturer and marketer of naturally flavoured beverages.

We focus on both the retail and food service markets here in Australia, and have developed several different ranges of products for use in cafes, restauraunts, bars, delicatessens and supermarkets.

All of our products are hand made with love and pride, and we all believe that…..

“Life is Magic – Drink it in”

  • 750ml20Chai20Elixir.jpg

    ALCHEMY CORDIALS – Cordial Chai Elixir – 750ml


  • 750ml20Love

    ALCHEMY CORDIALS – Cordial Love – Rosepetal & Lime – 750ml


  • 750ml20Mambo.jpg

    ALCHEMY CORDIALS – Cordial Mambo – Mango & Lime – 750ml



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