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HONEYCONE – Ear Candles 100% Unbleached Cotton – 20

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Honeycone ear candles can come in all shapes and sizes but they all provide the same function. The honey cone ear candles are made with 100% pure pure local australian beeswax and unbleached cotton and give off an amazing smell during the procedure. Your ears fill with dirt and grime throughout the day and every day exposure and you need something to not only rid your body of those toxins but also effectively clean out an area that is mostly untouched.

Honeycone Earcandles have been around for quite some time and are a widely known type of alternative medicine. Some people may be critics to it but for the people they have used it they swear by it and do it on a regular basis. You can buy Honeycone Ear candles for adults or children and you will get the same results. It is not just adults that need this aid but also children too.

Earcandles in Original size have the following closely approximate dimensions: Length 200mm-220mm. Diameter 10mm. Burn Time 15 minutes.Our Earcandles have a 1cm barrel tapering to a 4mm-5mm at the insertions end.


100% unbleached cotton calico and pure Australian beeswax from a local Apiaris.


Use Instructions:

  • PREPARE you will need a glass/bowl of water, matches, tissues.
  • RELAX have the person lie on their side making sure they are comfortable.
  • REST we suggest you stay lying down for 15 minutes after the treatment is complete.
  1. Push the candle through the protective disc and light the wide end of the candle.
  2. Place the small end into the ear and hold it in a vertical position. Do not force into ear.
  3. When the flame reaches the flame-breaking ring, remove and extinguish in water.

RECOMMENDED USE: specially recommended after showers, swimming, altitude stays, air-flights, under-water diving, to clear the ear. When used regularly, ear candles can keep the ear wax soft. Ear candling is recommended for adults, children and people using external hearing aids.

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